Xtool X300 Plus Immokey car list

Xtool X300 plus key programmer is a handheld device with specials functions for different brands vehicles. It’s simple and robust design makes your vehicle service experience much easier!

Product Features

New keys programming
Reads keys from immobilizer’s memory
New immobilizer programming
New ECU programming
New mechanical key number programming
Vehicle Identification Number programming
Reset ECM & reset immobilizer.
Easy to operate by the guided menu programming
New remote controller programming
With full and strong database for the most important vehicle makes
Upgradeable via web-based download
Immokey car list 
Vehicle Version Date
IKAUDI V26.61 2016-10-08
IKBAIC V26.34 2016-11-11
IKBAOJUN V26.21 2016-09-07
IKBENZ V26.20 2016-12-26
IKBESTURN V26.31 2016-12-28
IKBMW V26.00 2016-11-15
IKBRILLIANCE V26.32 2016-11-11
IKBYD V26.22 2016-08-23
IKCHANGAN V26.73 2016-10-12
IKCHANGFENG V26.22 2016-11-12
IKCHANGHE V26.32 2016-11-12
IKCHERY V26.87 2016-11-10
IKCHRYSLER V26.63 2016-09-01
IKCITROEN V26.30 2016-11-14
IKFERRARI V26.00 2016-07-22
IKFIAT V26.31 2016-08-08
IKFORD V26.84 2016-11-11
IKGEELY V26.45 2016-11-12
IKGM V26.98 2016-11-01
IKGREATWALL V26.44 2016-10-27
IKHAFEI V26.03 2016-01-29
IKHAWTAI V26.02 2016-01-29
IKHNMAZDA V26.42 2016-11-12
IKHONDA V26.26 2016-11-17
IKHONGQI V26.00 2016-01-18
IKHYUNDAI V26.68 2016-11-17
IKJAC V26.50 2016-11-11
IKJAGUAR V26.24 2016-11-11
IKJMC V26.00 2016-04-06
IKKIA V26.67 2016-11-17
IKLANCIA V26.03 2016-01-18
IKLANDROVER V26.32 2016-01-18
IKLIFAN V26.10 2016-10-12
IKLINCOLN V26.20 2016-11-07
IKLUFENG V26.20 2016-12-28
IKLUXGEN V26.14 2016-11-11
IKMASERATI V26.10 2016-07-22
IKMAZDA V26.50 2016-08-18
IKMERCURY V26.02 2016-01-18
IKMG V26.34 2016-11-07
IKMITSUBISHI V26.42 2016-07-22
IKNISSAN V26.62 2016-11-11
IKOPEL V26.10 2016-09-22
IKPERODUA V18.01 2016-05-13
IKPEUGEOT V26.30 2016-11-14
IKPORSCHE V26.10 2016-11-07
IKPROTON V26.20 2016-12-02
IKQNLOTUS V26.15 2016-10-12
IKRENAULT V26.21 2016-06-15
IKROEWE V26.57 2016-12-26
IKROMEO V26.03 2016-01-18
IKSMART V26.00 2016-01-18
IKSSANGYONG V26.20 2016-10-10
IKSUBARU V26.28 2016-12-26
IKSUZUKI V26.13 2016-01-18
IKTOYOTA V26.51 2016-12-28
IKUSCHRYSLER V26.70 2016-11-25
IKUSFORD V26.90 2016-11-25
IKUSLINCOLN V26.30 2016-11-25
IKUSMERCURY V26.10 2016-11-25
IKZZMAZDA V26.03 2016-01-29
IKZZNISSAN V26.40 2016-11-07

Download the detail function list, please go to the official website :www.xtooltech.com

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Xtool EZ300 big discount, only $289

Xtool EZ300 is Engine, ABS, SRS, Transmission and TPMS Four system scanner with Oil Light Reset Function

Top 7 Reasons to Get XTOOL EZ300 

*Easy registration with EZ300 connected to WIFI
*Wireless diagnosis via Bluetooth
*One-click software update via WIFI
*Remote access
*Diagnosis reports in PDF file
*Record and playback live data
*Extensive vehicle coverage for most US, Asian and European vehicle makes



Operating System: Android 4.4.4
Memory: 1GB RAM,16GB Flash
CPU Quad Core, 1.3 GHz
Display 7 Inch IPS 5-Point Multi-touch Screen with 1024×600P Resolution
Sensors: Gravity Sensor, Light Sensor
Input/Output: Microphone, Dual Speakers, 3.5 mm headset jack, MiniHDMIPort,

2.0USBPort, TF Card Port

Battery: 2400mAh, 3.7V
Bluetooth 100 Meters
Power Voltage: 3.7V
Power Consumption: 4W
Operating Temperature: -20 to 50℃(-4 to 126℉)
Humidity: <90%
Dimension:  (L*W*H): 208*140*15.5mm

Extensive vehicle coverage

USA: GM, Chrysler, Ford, Chevrolet, Hummer, Cadillac, Saturn

Europe: Volvo, Skoda, Land rover, Jaguar, Ford, Sprinter, Seat, Renault, Peugeot, Opel, Vauxhall, Fiat, Citroen, BMW, BENZ, AUDI, VW, Porsche, Lancia, MayBach, Rolls-Royce, Mini, Smart, Transporter, Lamborghini, Gugatti, Abarth, VW_CV

Asia: Acura, Honda, Infiniti, Isuzu, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki, Kia, Toyota, Hyundai, Mazda, Daihatsu, Daewoo, Scion, Holden, AUFord and more…

Asia: Acura, Honda, Infiniti, Isuzu, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki, Kia, Toyota, Hyundai, Mazda, Daihatsu, Daewoo, Scion, Holden, AUFord and more…

Newest Diagnosis car list:

Region Vehicle Version              Release Date
BUICK V9.00                 2016-11-09
CADILLAC V9.00                 2016-11-09
CHEVROLET V9.00                 2016-11-09
CHRYSLER V7.10                 2016-10-29
DODGE V7.10                 2016-10-29
GM V9.20                 2016-11-09
GMC V9.00                 2016-11-09
HUMMER V9.00                 2016-11-09
PONTIAC V9.00                 2016-11-09
SATURN V9.00                 2016-11-09
USAFORD V9.32                 2016-11-09
ACURA V9.65                 2016-09-01
DAEWOO V5.02                 2016-05-28
DAIHATSU V8.10                 2016-07-28
GAZ V5.01                 2016-05-24
HONDA V9.65                 2016-09-01
HYUNDAI V9.7                 2016-08-24
INFINITI V9.54                 2016-11-07
ISUZU V8.10                 2016-11-24
KIA V11.10                 2016-08-22
LEXUS V11.30                 2016-11-16
LUXGEN V1.41                 2016-07-14
MAHINDRA V6.00                 2016-07-28
MARUTI V6.00                 2016-07-28
MAZDA V9.32                 2016-11-09
MIT V9.30                 2016-11-24
NISSAN V9.54                 2016-11-07
PERODUA V7.10                 2016-10-29
PROTON V7.10                 2016-10-29
SCION V11.30                 2016-11-16
SSANGYONG V9.10                 2016-08-24
SUBARU V7.20                 2016-11-16
SUZUKI V8.11                 2016-11-16
TATA V6.00                 2016-07-28
TLISUZU V8.10                 2016-11-24
TOYOTA V11.30                 2016-11-16
UAZ V5.01                 2016-05-24
AUSFORD V9.32                 2016-11-09
HOLDEN V7.01                 2016-10-12
BYD V9.02                 2015-11-23
CHANGCHENG V8.19                 2016-04-27
HUACHEN V8.26                 2015-10-08
JAC V7.20                 2015-09-17
JIAO V6.51                 2015-11-20
JILI V7.75                 2015-10-26
LIFAN V7.10                 2016-07-01
QIRUI V8.52                 2016-01-24
SQDTZY V5.13                 2016-11-04
SQMG V7.93                 2016-01-18
ABARTH V7.45                 2016-08-11
AUDI V9.25                 2016-11-17
BENTLEY V9.25                 2016-11-17
BENZ V17.20                 2016-11-24
BMW V10.12                 2016-11-24
BUGATTI V9.25                 2016-11-17
CITROEN V9.24                 2016-08-19
CVVW V9.25                 2016-11-17
EURFORD V9.32                 2016-11-09
FIAT V7.45                 2016-08-11
JAGUAR V9.30                 2016-10-31
LAMBORGHINI V9.25                 2016-11-17
LANCIA V5.05                 2016-08-11
LANDROVER V9.30                 2016-10-31
MAYBACH V17.20                 2016-11-24
MINI V9.7                 2016-11-24
OPEL V9.10                 2016-12-05
PEUGEOT V9.24                 2016-08-11
PORSCHE V9.45                 2016-10-31
RENAULT V8.40                 2016-10-09
ROLLS V10.12                 2016-11-24
ROMEO V5.15                 2016-08-11
SAAB V5.50                 2016-11-24
SEAT V9.25                 2016-11-17
SKODA V9.25                 2016-11-17
SMART V17.00                 2016-08-11
TRANSPORTER V17.10                 2016-10-29
VAUXHALL V9.10                 2016-12-05
VAZ V1.01                 2016-05-28
VOLVO V9.20                 2016-12-05
VW V9.25                 2016-11-17

For more detail function list, please download files on Xtool official web: http://www.xtooltech.com/ENEZ300.aspx

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How to use Xtool X100 C?

X100 C, the newly released product from Xtool, which is a dongle could be used to read PIN CODE and do key programming via OBD2 socket with your cell phone. It supports Ford, Mazda, Peugeot, Citroen and DS. It is user friendly and with Multilanguage.

Here explains steps on how to use it:

1)An android and ios device is required:

OS Device Mode
Apple iOS

(Requires iOS4.3 or later)

IPod touch iPod Touch 1st  generation,  2nd  generation, 3rd  generation, 4th generation
iPhone iPhone, iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iphone 7, iphone 7 plus
iPad iPad, iPad 2, ipad 3, iPad air, iPad Mini 1, iPad Mini 2,

iPad Pro


(Requires OS2.3 or later)

All android smart phone and tablet

and then, you need to download the X100 C APP, it is available on  App store and GooglePlay Store.

2)Start the APP, an activation is necessary before doing the immobilizer. Take the Android phone for example:




3)Steps to do Immobilizer:

  • Enter this function, you need to choose brand first:
  • Then you need to pick which  branch you want to do
  • After that, choose the car model
  • Last but not least is to choose the year

Look at the screenshots:






4)It is also allowed to change language


5)About Bluetooth

Enter the Bluetooth setting and pair the phone Bluetooth with X100C -xxxxxBluetooth


6) PDF: input and store user’s information to be printed in the PDF report.

7)Other functions:

Report: It provides data flow during vehicle key programming.

Replay: It replays the data flow during vehicle key programming.

Where to get the X100 C?