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Tablet Series Car Diagnosis FORD V12.30

1. New: Ford 2005-2018 Ford Focus, Mondeo, Taurus, Wing Tiger, Sharp World, Pilot, Explorer, Transit, Lincoln, Flex, Fortune, Carnival, Galaxy, Mustang, etc. Configuration, ACM (sound control module), DPF reset, DSM (driver’s seat module) reset, tracking key configuration, ABS maintenance deflation, factory keyless entry code, remote keyless entry, IVD initialization sequence, BMS Reset, ABS ECU reset, electric lift door initialization, emergency release calibration, new EPB module calibration, passenger seat no-load weight test, passenger system reset / OCS reset, service routine, precision correction test, clear transmission Special functions such as learning values, stop using transmission adaptive function, resume transmission adaptive learning, coolant level sensor check, etc.

Tablet Series Car Diagnosis GQCQ V6.90

Languages Supported: English,Simplified Chinese
1. Add Gm6 models include the following systems:
EMS (engine management system); at (automatic transmission); BCS (brake control system); SRS (auxiliary safety system); BCM (body control module); EPS (electronic power steering system); ICM (instrument cluster); peps (Intelligent keyless start); HVAC (air conditioning management system); HCP (air conditioning control panel); GWM (independent gateway); AFS (headlight regulation system); entertainment system (DVD); entertainment system (CD); ESCL (electronic steering column lock); GSM (gear lever module); hvsm (seat heating module); ial (atmosphere lamp); RCP (rear control panel); RPA (Parking Aid System); SVM (panoramic view system); Tbox (remote information processor); WCM (wireless charging module);
2. Optimize automatic scanning
3. Add VIN code positioning function

Tablet Series Car Diagnosis GM V11.00

Languages Supported: Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian


1.Added 2020 Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Holden, Ravon, and GMC models of all car series to read, clear, freeze frames, data stream, version information, events Information, maintenance information, motion tests and special functions.