Xtool VAG401 is professional tool for VW/AUDI/SEAT/SKODA. With its smart appearance and powerful function, it can be conveniently used and can be run without PC.

Here are some good reviews on VAG 401:

“I received this VAG401 scanner 4days ago, which surprised me a lot after I used it on my 2005 Skoda.”I was able to use mine to read out the key code from the dash. I verified that it was the same as one I’d gotten previously from VAG- Tacho. I hope the method of finding what’s available using VCDS label files serves somebody a purpose since it definitely helps me a lot when I need to access stuff!

“Also, getting the latest software for it can be tricky. Do not create an account, just use the log-in and password on the scanner.”

” This is not your ordinary OBD2 Scanner. If you have an Audi / Volkswagen, this is a must.”

“The VCDS software is much, much more user friendly. To do stuff on the VAG401 you have to do a lot of research with coding and stuff. There is nothing the VAG401 can’t do that VCDS can from my experience playing around with both.”


Attached some photos for your reference


With so much good reviews, you must have one for your VAG cars. It only sold 49usd on xtoolstore.com