Xtool X300 Plus Immokey car list

Xtool X300 plus key programmer is a handheld device with specials functions for different brands vehicles. It’s simple and robust design makes your vehicle service experience much easier!

Product Features

New keys programming
Reads keys from immobilizer’s memory
New immobilizer programming
New ECU programming
New mechanical key number programming
Vehicle Identification Number programming
Reset ECM & reset immobilizer.
Easy to operate by the guided menu programming
New remote controller programming
With full and strong database for the most important vehicle makes
Upgradeable via web-based download
Immokey car list 
Vehicle Version Date
IKAUDI V26.61 2016-10-08
IKBAIC V26.34 2016-11-11
IKBAOJUN V26.21 2016-09-07
IKBENZ V26.20 2016-12-26
IKBESTURN V26.31 2016-12-28
IKBMW V26.00 2016-11-15
IKBRILLIANCE V26.32 2016-11-11
IKBYD V26.22 2016-08-23
IKCHANGAN V26.73 2016-10-12
IKCHANGFENG V26.22 2016-11-12
IKCHANGHE V26.32 2016-11-12
IKCHERY V26.87 2016-11-10
IKCHRYSLER V26.63 2016-09-01
IKCITROEN V26.30 2016-11-14
IKFERRARI V26.00 2016-07-22
IKFIAT V26.31 2016-08-08
IKFORD V26.84 2016-11-11
IKGEELY V26.45 2016-11-12
IKGM V26.98 2016-11-01
IKGREATWALL V26.44 2016-10-27
IKHAFEI V26.03 2016-01-29
IKHAWTAI V26.02 2016-01-29
IKHNMAZDA V26.42 2016-11-12
IKHONDA V26.26 2016-11-17
IKHONGQI V26.00 2016-01-18
IKHYUNDAI V26.68 2016-11-17
IKJAC V26.50 2016-11-11
IKJAGUAR V26.24 2016-11-11
IKJMC V26.00 2016-04-06
IKKIA V26.67 2016-11-17
IKLANCIA V26.03 2016-01-18
IKLANDROVER V26.32 2016-01-18
IKLIFAN V26.10 2016-10-12
IKLINCOLN V26.20 2016-11-07
IKLUFENG V26.20 2016-12-28
IKLUXGEN V26.14 2016-11-11
IKMASERATI V26.10 2016-07-22
IKMAZDA V26.50 2016-08-18
IKMERCURY V26.02 2016-01-18
IKMG V26.34 2016-11-07
IKMITSUBISHI V26.42 2016-07-22
IKNISSAN V26.62 2016-11-11
IKOPEL V26.10 2016-09-22
IKPERODUA V18.01 2016-05-13
IKPEUGEOT V26.30 2016-11-14
IKPORSCHE V26.10 2016-11-07
IKPROTON V26.20 2016-12-02
IKQNLOTUS V26.15 2016-10-12
IKRENAULT V26.21 2016-06-15
IKROEWE V26.57 2016-12-26
IKROMEO V26.03 2016-01-18
IKSMART V26.00 2016-01-18
IKSSANGYONG V26.20 2016-10-10
IKSUBARU V26.28 2016-12-26
IKSUZUKI V26.13 2016-01-18
IKTOYOTA V26.51 2016-12-28
IKUSCHRYSLER V26.70 2016-11-25
IKUSFORD V26.90 2016-11-25
IKUSLINCOLN V26.30 2016-11-25
IKUSMERCURY V26.10 2016-11-25
IKZZMAZDA V26.03 2016-01-29
IKZZNISSAN V26.40 2016-11-07

Download the detail function list, please go to the official website :www.xtooltech.com

Get it on: www.xtoolstore.com

How to Upgrade Software for XTOOL X series

Following is the instructions on how to update your xtool x-series device

1. Enter the official website: http://www.xtooltech.com/ and click “one click upgrade”, and download the files on your PC desk.


2. Double click install icon x-series-update-2 , follow the step to install, and there will be a upgradetool icon x-series-update-3

3. Double click the “upgradetool”, you will see this site, new user would be required to register a new ID.


4. Product SN and initial password can be found on information column after start the device. Dealer code you can get from dealers. Be aware to distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters.


5. After registered, remove the device memory card and connected to the computer USB port through a card reader, format the memory card to save enough rooms for upgrade.

6. After formatted the card, open the upgrade tool, enter the registered user name and password and click login.

7. Select all and click update the system will automatically update for you and copy the relevant information to your memory card.

Finally, you can use the latest software now.



How to Use EEPROM Adapter

EEPROM Adapter is a hardware which was designed by XTOOL specialized on car models that need to remove the chip to read security code. Users can remove code chip by himself from vehicle anti-theft case,dashboard and other code saving control unit and read code by eeprom adapter.

1.  Hardware Instructions

Picture Name
1 eeprom-adapter EEPROM Adapter
2 chip-bonding-seat Chip Bonding Seat

2.  Ways of Connection


3.  Chip bonding seat instructions

Chip bonding seat can be divided into 93XXX、25(95)XXX and 24XXX,the types of the chip shows on the chips, find the corresponding welding point on the basis of different types of the chip.


4. Reading code

1)Remove the chip on control unit and find the right position on chip bonding seat

2)Connect the X100pro/X300plus/X-100 Pad…with eeprom adapter and chip bonding seat.

3)Choose “eeprom adapter”on function menu and do PIN Code Reading,ECU Initializing,Chip Programming etc.

To get an eeprom adapter: